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It is, perhaps, something of a cliché to say that change is endemic – but like many clichés this one has its basis in the truth. The problem with this cliché though is that it could be taken to imply that change is a “bad thing”, when in fact whether a change is good or bad can depend very much on how it is managed.

Among some of the most challenging changes that we can face are those associated with expatriation, moving to a new country and repatriation. These kinds of changes can strike at the very core of our being; raising questions about what is important to us, what our real goals are, what makes our lives meaningful and satisfying and how to make all the pieces fit together to make a sensible whole – and all of this at the same time as getting to grips with the practical challenges of operating in a, more or less, alien environment. Now, whilst these are undoubtedly real challenges, they do not have to become problems, and with the right kind of guidance and support we can take control of our expat encounter so that it becomes a fulfilling and empowering experience.

With more than twenty years experience supporting groups and individuals through change, Change Coach DK is your ideal coach, mentor and sparring partner. Whether you need to do better in the situation you are in, or to undertake a transition to a new situation, Change Coach DK has the tools to help you.

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